We're Expanding!
Christina Dinkel Design in 2018

Jan 1, 2018 Newsletter, Style, Lifestyle, Fashion, Costume Design, Theatre, Art, Feminism, Dress History

Welcome!! Let's talk about what's new.

Christina Dinkel Design (CDD) was a San Francisco based design firm previously focusing solely on costume design & wardrobe styling for entertainment, business, & education. In 2018, I'm thrilled to announce that we're expanding to also include content creation & personal styling. It's been a high demand item for years, so it's pretty exciting news that we're now able to open up our fashion & design services to private clients. (To check out more on our expanded services, head over to the services page).

Why Expand Now?

The past few years have been filled with unexpected and innovative design challenges that lead to big career growth. I taught & designed at university, styled a film, and custom designed intricate artwear pieces for multiple performances atinternational art exhibitions receiving press in some fairly large publications. After this string of new opportunities that inspired new methods for my design processes, I took a beat to reflect and get exploring on the new concepts I had for CDD in 2018. But first, I had a bunch of questions to sort out, so I took a trip to L.A...

Research Mission

L.A., an entertainment and fashion mecca, was a good place to start my research for the re-branding of CDD in 2018. I met with industry folx in a variety of sectors (arts curation, fashion district management, film & television, theatre education, & more), and got their thoughts on L.A. culturally and artistically. I went to Melrose, fashion district, downtown L.A. and a friend's print-studio (and saw originals from Andy Warhol and more... I died!). I left with a TON of great new ideas to digest, research, and edit for the new look I wanted for the firm. One of the most shocking things I learned is, I DON'T hate L.A. (I loved everything, except the palm trees and the traffic!).

Getting Intersectional

After meeting with this wide variety of smart & saavy professionals innovating in unique ways in their prospective industries, and a ton of research / exploration in the months following, I came up with five main sections we'll focus on in this new year. It'll be a bit of a test run, but by December, we're hoping to have this list a bit more curated. Meaning, if you are enjoying a service we provide, get involved - comment online or contact me to collaborate!

Costume Design | Wardrobe Styling | Content Creation | Personal Styling | Education

For more details on these expanded services, head on over to the services page.

Let's get talking - Goals for Content Creation

So finally...! What are we going to talk about on this blog, and social media. If it's related to what's happening in my career, or to what's inspiring me in the art / fashion / entertainment worlds, I may have some thoughts about it. Some questions we may explore are...

...what's upcoming in fashion that inspires inclusive body image and representation?
...where do traditional beauty standards originate in dress history, and how can we ditch or keep what works for us?
...who's producing important work in the entertainment industries? What stories are must sees in theatre, film, and television? does style impact lifestyle, and how do we manage beauty and style while maintaining daily life?

On my Instagram (@ChristinaDinkelDesign), I post looks that encourage bold fashion choices, and ignores fashion conventions. As a petite, curvy style blogger, I aim to post looks that I love while providing similar options for all body types in the blog (plus, petite, tall, straight size) when possible. Most of all, my content hopes to inspire alternative representations in fashion storytelling, by ditching style rules, traditional portraiture, and the patrarchy, for sure!

Excited to get started? Me too!
Let me know your thoughts on this post, and all future posts, in the comment section below! Let's get to know each other!