I have worked in theatre, performance art, and education as a costume designer for the past 12 years. As an interdisciplinary academic, I bring in the language of art, art history, and theatre arts into my in depth research, and cues for visual literacy as a key tool in storytelling. My unique approach to design focuses on new technologies in rendering and management to further allow for the flexibility in shifting artistic environments. Above all else, costume design should have strong visual cues that bridge the text with contemporary audiences.

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As a wardrobe stylist for the entertainment industry, I am available for hire in film, television, music videos, photoshoots, commercials, content creators (YouTubers - let's collaborate!), and events. As a stylist, I work closely with producers and directors to generate a clear brand aesthetic that reflects the project goals.

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As an artist and designer, I am always producing content with a mission in mind. On my personal Instagram (@ChristinaDinkelDesign), I post content and digital art that encourage bold fashion choices, and ignores fashion conventions. On my blog and Instagram I create digital art and fashion editorials, feature products and brands that I love, and spotlight my clients in their fashion journey in order to share a wide variety of beautiful humans in their search for style. For more on my content creation mission, check out this blog post.

As a content creator for my clients, I work with brands and private clients to...

| review or style new products |

| produce digital art, lifestyle photography, and editorials for social media content |

| digital art for invitations / posters / etc. for events |

| style photoshooting for clients or brand products |

| graphic design and photoshop for content creators, artists, designers, etc. |

Essentially, if you need an image made to promote what you do, this is a great avenue to approach a collaboration.

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As a personal stylist for private clients, she focuses on body, gender, and sexual positivity, elevating their personal style rather than reinventing it. I believe strongly in body-positive, inclusive approaches to fashion, and encourages clients of all sizes, genders, ages, etc. to contact me with your unique style needs.

  • Virtual Style Assessment:

    Want hit refresh on your style and try some new options, but don't have the time for one of the in person packages? Contact me to get your style quiz, customized style inspiration board, and sourced by a stylist online fashion options that suits your body, your goals, and your budget.

    Closet Edit:

    Don't have the budget for an entirely new wardrobe? Let's work with what you have! In a closet assessment, we will shop your closet to maximize the style potential of what you already own. The process includes an interview/quiz to determine your curated style, closet review where we keep what works and donate the things not working for you, address any fit issues if requested (see "Get a Custom Fit" below), and make a list of wardrobe staples to incorporate into your wardrobe when the budget allows.

    Personal Shopping:

    Once we determine your style, and edit your closet, you may be in need of some new clothes! Living in San Francisco doesn't leave much spare time for most of us, so let me take out the guess work in shopping in stores and online for you. An expert knowledge of in-store sizing, handling returns, and maximizing quality for your budget, will make your shopping experience laborless.

    Image Remix:

    Feeling like it's time for a Madonna reinvention moment after a big life shift? We'll take your personal style, and elevate it to it's boldest fashion potential. This is the most comprehensive package that includes a "Virtual Style Assessment", "Closet Edit", and "Personal Shopping" into one package. Add the "Get Tailored" to this package, and you'll have a completely new wardrobe that is tailor fit to your body.

    Get Tailored:

    Love the blazer but it needs a little adjustment? With over 12 years in specialized fitting experience, my motto is that the clothes should fit YOU, not the other way around. With two personal fitting appointments, we will first fit all garments to your body, then send alterations off to be tailored, and reunite for a final fitting where we confirm how GREAT you look in your tailored pieces! This package can be applied to any of the above style packages.


    Want to be featured on Instagram? After you choose your style package, we'd love to feature your new look! We're not professional photographers, but we do know how to make you look great. Check out others featured on our Instagram for more info.!
  • Occassion Wear:

    Need a look for a special occasion, event, or important interview? No idea what to wear? Let's talk about it! We'll customize a look that suits your goals for any occassion.

    Business Attire:

    Started a new job in California? Baffled by the lack of formality in the office? Business attire on the West Coast has a unique set of guidelines, and I can help you navigate those for the perfect blend of casual meets professional.

    Date Night:

    Need a seductive look for an upcoming date or anniversary, but have no idea where to start? I'll work with you to find body positive looks that will hopefully wow your partner, and boost self-confidence.

    Swimwear, Lingerie, & Jeans:

    Hate swimsuit, jeans, and lingerie shopping with a fiery passion? Most of us would agree you! Finding the right fit for your body can be a daunting task if you are unfamiliar with complex sizing charts, material selection, and individual clothing brands fit scale. Let me handle these anxiety-inducing shopping tasks for you so that you can spend your time doing more important things... like wine weekends in Napa.

    Costumes & Editorial:

    Burners, Drag enthusiasts, festival junkies, I think this one is for you! No idea what to wear to Burning Man, Coachella, or office theme party? With over 12 years experience in costume design, I've got you covered. Let's get artistic and customize some inventive looks that will blow away your friends and co-workers.

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As an educator, I have lectured on topics such as graphic design for the arts, professional practices in theatre arts, costume design, dress history, and more. I have also served as a costume designer in residence for many Bay Area educational institutions, where I supervise students on internship style appointments furthering their professional training.

My research interests are usually multi-disciplinary, including digital rendering techniques for theater, intersectional art making practices, digital art, fashion, feminist art & style, art & dress history, and specializes in costume design for new and experimental works. Her design work has a highly graphic quality, embracing technology as a resource for effective, visually engaging communication.

To inquire about University lecturing, design in residence for educational institutions, teaching artist, or public speaking engagements, please head over to my CONTACT PAGE to start the conversation.