The House of Blue Leaves

Presented at Jewel Theatre Company


Humor sharp and relevant in Jewel's 'Blue Leaves'
"There is no shortage of silliness, slapstick and surrealism in the show. There is also darkness, despair, cruelty, delusion and desperation. Mike Cymanski, last seen as Bobby in Jewel's "Company," is achingly desperate as Artie, who knows he has one last chance at his dreams. Diana Torres Koss knocks her role out of the park as Bunny, the brash paramour. Julie James, the artistic director of Jewel Theatre, is faultless as the cowering, confused, ironically named Bananas. And Erik Gandolfi, as Artie's childhood friend, the Hollywood director on whom all Buddy's hopes are placed, goes from heartbreaking to slime in 30 seconds. All of these actors are professionals. They belong to Actors' Equity and make their living doing this. We are fortunate to have yet another professional company in our tiny town."

Directed by Susan Myer Silton
Scenic Design by Mark Hopkins
Costume Design by Christina Dinkel
Lighting Design by Selina G. Young

Photo: Steve DiBartolomeo