Content Creation & Digital Art

As an artist and designer, I am always producing content with a mission in mind. On my personal Instagram (@ChristinaDinkelDesign), I post content and digital art that encourage bold fashion choices, and ignores fashion conventions. On my blog and Instagram I create digital art and fashion editorials, feature products and brands that I love, and spotlight my clients in their fashion journey in order to share a wide variety of beautiful humans in their search for style. For more on my content creation mission, check out this blog post.

As a content creator for my clients, I work with brands and private clients to...
| review or style new products |
| produce digital art, lifestyle photography, and editorials for social media content |
| digital art for invitations / posters / etc. for events |
| style photoshooting for clients or brand products |
| graphic design and photoshop for content creators, artists, designers, etc. |
Essentially, if you need an image made to promote what you do, this is a great avenue to approach a collaboration.

To follow me on social media, or on my blog, check out the links below...
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To inquire about graphic design, digital art collaborations, content creation for social media, promotions, or product reviews, please head over to my CONTACT PAGE to start the conversation.

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