PROCESS: A Midsummer Night's Dream

The following process images are for the costume design of A Midsummer Night's Dream for Santa Cruz Shakespeare. The mode of development for this project included a custom built & designed online research board and digitally rendered sketches by Christina Dinkel. Please scroll through the images and review the notes below for more information on concept development and design process.

For portfolio images of this project, please click the link below:
A Midsummer Night's Dream Portfolio Images

Website Design & Concept Development by Christina Dinkel

Inspiration - Tim Walker: images taken from surrealist photographer Tim Walker, and color world references from Pantone

Notes on design research process:
The process for the costume design of A Midsummer Night's Dream included a custom built website. Christina's custom research websites are utilized all throughout the design process to inform, inspire, and collaborate during all facets of the design process.

Director & Design Team: served as shifting mood boards for inspiration for color palette, mood, and overall design concept in pre-production
Actors: specific character concept development specifically helpful to actors in rehearsal space
Costume Shop & Design Team: technical and visual reference guides for the costume shop builds and used while sourcing, renting, pulling with design staff and interns

Having research available online allowed feedback and collaboration with all members of the design and directorial team instantaneous in pre-production. After the design was finalized, these reference images were utilized in the costume shop and with the costume design team for visual reference in the construction and curating of the design. Actors were also given access to the website research as soon as possible, which aided in their artistic work in rehearsals.